3D Badge Collection

3D Badge collection contains a variety of 3D badges created with Element 3D V2. Each badge falls under a different genre these include

  • action, sports, western, corporate, business, sci-fi and more! With outstanding detail and quality, the 3D Badge Collection is a must have for Element 3D users!


Nội Dung 

  • Full HD (1920×1080). 
  • Durations range from 0:07 to 0:16 and in total exceed 1:00. 
  • 10 Unique badges included! 
  • Element 3D V2 required! 
  • Pro Shaders V2 required! 
  • Extremely easy to edit! 
  • Detailed video tutorial included! 
  • Render time is about 20 minutes for each badge: i7 and 16gb RAM 
  • Beautiful audio tracks available Here 
  • Fonts used: Bebas Neue, Britannic Bold, Impact, DaunPenh, Helvetica, & Chunkfive

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